Columbia Valley Wetlands

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Winding its way between Canal Flats, BC and Golden, BC, the Columbia Valley Wetlands one of the world’s living natural treasures, at 15,070 hectares, it is also one of the longest intact wetlands in North America.  The wetlands provide a habitat for wildlife, including; elk, deer, moose, wolf, cougar, coyote, beaver, river otter and bears as well as several endangered species, such as the peregrine falcon and American badger.  First protected in 1996, the Columbia Valley Wetlands is protected by the Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve at the southeast end of the lake and the Columbia Lake Provincial Park on the northeast end of the lake.

“One of the most precious things on a world scale…is the Columbia River Wetlands.”
Robert Bateman

An interesting way to experience the Columbia Valley Wetlands is to golf the Radium Springs Golf Course!

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