Golf in Invermere Turns 100!

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From Opening day on May 24th, 1915 was described as “This being celebrated as Empire Day I attended the formal opening in the afternoon of the Invermere G&CC on their grounds at Canterbury Point. About 40 persons were present of whom say 12 played golf, the rest were drinkers.”

Of course we couldn’t agree more with William Cleland, the Paradise Mine Manager, uplifting article in the Canadian Golfer Magazine in March 1918 titled “The invigorating Invermere”. “We feel we have one of most wonderful natural courses in Canada to-day and would like so far as possible, through the means of your valuable publication, to bring our links more to the attention of the golf loving people of the dominion of Canada. Situated as it is between the main ranges of the rocky and Selkirk Mountains and in one of most picturesque parts of British Columbia, where any holiday seeker can spend an ideal vacation at a comfortable tourist hotel, we do not think any one will ever regret having come here. Last year we had a number of visitors from outside points, due no doubt to the publicity we have received through your valuable journal, and we believe without exception.”

Read the entire article on here.

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