3 Reasons You Should Visit the Columbia Valley Golf Trail in 2018

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#1 – Explore Our Hidden Gems

The Columbia Valley Golf Trail is filled with hidden gems! With eight distinct golf courses they each have their own personalities and treasures. For example, do you know which tees have the best views? Explore our hidden gems in this local’s guide to the Columbia Valley’s Hidden Gems.

Hidden Gems of the Columbia Valley Golf Trail

#2 – There’s Loads of Fun Things for Your Family to Do While You Golf!

The Columbia Valley is a popular destination in spring and summer for golfers and families, not only are there numerous golf courses to choose from, there’s also a bunch of fun things for families to do!  We’ve selected our favourite family activities in the Columbia Valley to share with you.

Fun Things for Your Family to Do in the Columbia Valley While You Golf!

#3 – Golfers Live Longer

It’s true, golfers live longer lives and have better physical health. We all know that golfing is good for us, but did you know that golf can actually extend the length and quality of your life? Now you have one more reason to plan a visit to the Columbia Valley this golf season.

3 Reasons Why Golfers Live Longer

We hope to see you here!

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