Most Photographed Holes on the Columbia Valley Golf Trail

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I’m standing on the precarious 17th tee at the Radium Springs golf course as soft golden light paints the scene. Guarded by bunkers and a few towering pines – and situated just over the ball-hungry ravine! – the par-3 17th hole at the Radium Springs course is one of the most picturesque holes in Western Canada. And now I’m at the right place at the right time to capture it!

I grab my camera and tripod and set up the shot. The vast Columbia Valley Wetlands seem to run on forever to the north and south and, to the west, the snow-dipped peaks of the Purcells pierce the warm western sky. I frame the shot, adjusting the focal length, to get all these ingredients in the frame. A few “clicks” later and I’ve got what I want: a digital keepsake of one of my favourite par-3s on the Columbia Valley Golf Trail.

Of course, the Columbia Valley Golf Trail is peppered with pretty golf holes that golfers (and shutterbugs) will want to capture. In fact, every course on the trail boasts a number of postcard-worthy holes that are worth waiting for the “golden hour.”

Here are a few of the most photogenic holes (in my opinion!) on the Columbia Valley Golf Trail. (In no particular order.)


  1. Radium Resort – Hole 2, Par-4, 263 yards – With the tee perched high on the ledge and the small driveable green framed by pines and Purcell Peaks, this is one super-fun hole to play…and photograph!
  2. Springs Course – Hole 17, Par-3, 150 yards – In the evening, when the green is backlit, this is, unquestionably, one of the prettiest photographs you can take in the region.
  3. Fairmont Mountainside – Hole 4, Par-5, 550 yards – Yes, it’s long and mean and many a golfer has made a double-digit score on this difficult par-5. However, it’s a beautiful hole with a stunning mountain-filled backdrop beyond.
  4. Fairmont Riverside – Hole 3, Par-3, 126 yards – One of many holes that crosses the Columbia River, the short 3rd at Fairmont Riverside requires an accurate short-iron to hold the green. It also requires, thanks to the picturesque setting, a photo!
  5. Copper Point Ridge Course – Hole 12, Par-4, 319 yards – The short and sporty Ridge Course at Copper Point is loaded with spicy little challenges. And my favourite to play – and photograph! – is the waterside 12th at the far end of the property.
  6. Copper Point Point Course – Hole 9, Par-5, 514 yards – The best part about playing the Point Course at Copper Point is sitting on the amazing patio and admiring the view, sipping a beverage, and photographing the stunning par-5 9th hole with the mountains in the background.
  7. Eagle Ranch Resort – Hole 14, Par-5, 507 yards – The photogenic nature of this hole – a kidney-shaped green surrounded by sand and framed by the Purcell Mountains – is impossible not to appreciate.
  8. Windermere Valley Golf Course – Hole 4, 443 yards – Not surprisingly, the highest point on the course – the 4th tee – offers the best photo opportunity. But don’t get too distracted. This is easily the toughest hole on the course.
  9. Spur Valley Golf Course – Hole 3, Par-3, 102 yards – What’s not to love about a beautiful little par-3 over a pond with a pretty little fountain?
  10. Fairmont Creekside – Hole 1, Par-3, 115 yards – This little gem of a course – ideal for families and beginners – is impeccably maintained and full of lovely little challenges. The view from the 1st – looking down the valley with the entire course in front of you – is my favourite spot.


I’d wager – especially if you’ve spent some time along the Columbia Valley Golf Trail – that you’ve got your own personal photo-op favourites. As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And there is no shortage of beauty along the Columbia Valley Golf Trail!


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