5 Reasons Why Golf is the BEST Sport

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There are so many reasons why golf is the best sport. Here are five of our favourites!

1. Great Outdoors

One of the BEST things about golf is the opportunity to spend time outdoors. The rewards are plentiful – beautiful scenery, stunning views, fresh mountain air, sunshine and wildlife. From sunrise to sunset, you never know quite what you are going to see when you are in the great outdoors. In fact, one of the cutest and funniest ‘great outdoors’ viewings along the Columbia Valley Golf Trail turned into a viral YouTube video with 2,924,992 views! Filmed at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort‘s Mountainside Golf Course.

2. Variety and Versatility

What’s not to LOVE about golf? Golf is all about choices! First off, you are completely spoilt when it comes to your choice of golf courses. The Columbia Valley Golf Trail alone features eight stunning golf courses, all with very unique challenges and different styles. You choose the format of your game helping to ensure that things never get boring. You choose how many holes you feel like golfing. You don’t even need other people to play! Or, you can golf with friends, family, a small group or a big group. The conditions are never the same and that’s why golf will never be boring, every round is different!

Photo: Eagle Ranch Resort Golf Course

3. Golf is a Fun Way to Exercise

Everyone knows that golfers live longer!  Being out of the greens is so pleasant. Golfers receive so many benefits including; exercise, fresh air and a chance to socialize. One great reason to skip the cart rental? Golfers walk an average of between 6-8 miles every 18-holes, depending on the size of the course.

Photo: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

4. A Great Time to Socialize

One of the things golfers love most about the sport is the opportunity to socialize. In our ever connected world, golf is a great place to disconnect from technology and slow things down. Meet someone new or get together with old friends. With all the events, learning opportunities and courses, the options are limitless.

Photo: Radium Golf Group

5. No Age Limits

Golf is a great sport for young children or older seniors, people of any age can enjoy a round a golf. In fact, golf is a very accessible sport, it’s open to anyone, whether your aged two or 102. Golfers also tend to be healthier and live longer, what better reasons to embrace the sport?

Photo: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

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